Tools for Sowing Seeds & Lives Forever Changed in Mexico

Interview with Humberto

In this third episode from Mexico, Humberto, the SOM Director, shares how seeds, medicine, and radio are igniting a passion for Christ. Hear how all of these tools are used to open up opportunities to talk to unbelievers about the Lord and lead them to Jesus. 

How the Gospel is Impacting Tribal Communities with Love in Action

Interview with Humberto

In this continuing episode, Humberto, the SOM Director in Mexico shares how to show love to an indigenous people group who has no word for "love" in their own language. Learn about the dramatic changes that have come about as they see the love of Jesus through God's people.

Gospel Breaking Through Strongholds of Witchcraft in Mexico

Interview with Humberto

In this episode of At Risk Radio, hear directly from Humberto, the SOM Director in Mexico. He shares about how the Gospel is breaking through witchcraft strongholds among the indigenous people of the Sierra Madre mountains. Learn how leaders who are risking much are overcoming drug cartels, more than 50 separate language groups, and centuries of witchcraft and unbelief to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

 ARR 7-1-22: ARR News - Northwest Africa

In this episode of At Risk Radio , you'll hear the very latest report from the SOM International team that just returned from an exciting trip to northwest Africa. The SOM director in this very restricted Muslim country is receiving favor from mayors and community leaders. Learn how this "leader of leaders" is building relationships through showing God's goodness with a clean heart in the areas of agriculture and medical services. The results have been amazing!

Bibles- More Powerful Than Bows & Arrows

Listen in on details of this At Risk Radio podcast featuring overcoming stories depicting what happened when Russell Stendal traveled to the Colombian/Venezuelan border and was stopped by natives with bows and arrows! Learn the important roles that mentors played in the lives of the Directors in Bangladesh, Mexico and Northwest  Africa.

Yalam Martyred in India - March 2022

In this episode of At Risk Radio, you'll get a more in-depth look at the latest SOM newsletter stories. This episode includes the work going on in India and especially with Yalam who risked much for Jesus and who gave his life for Him in March of this year. Hear about his wife Kamala and the amazing example of faith, peace and forgiveness she is exhibiting. Learn the difference between "leading a legacy" rather than "leaving a legacy". 

The Power of Fasting and Prayer

In this episode, we turn our attention back to the new book "God's Global Grace Movement, Hope Rising from an Awakening in India". Chapter 11 is entitled "Prayer and Fasting". What is a Daniel fast, and how did the Lord orchestrate a dramatic answer to prayer in India the day after the fast ended? Hear Boriah's story about the power of prayer and fasting. 

Explosive Church Planting Movement in India

This episode of At Risk Radio continues our look at the exciting things going on in the Church in India. Learn about the House Churches and the organic way they come together. The typical gathering will practice the 4 W's: Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness. Why does this simple "formula" work so well in India and which one of the 4 W's is the biggest missing component in the Church in America today? Tune in to find out.

Update from Ukraine and How the War is Impacting the Church

In this episode of At Risk Radio, you will hear a report on the Church at risk in Ukraine and around the world. 

Be encouraged how Christian leaders around the world are collaborating together through (RLP) Religious Liberties Partnership to support the global Church. 

Sewing Schools and Micro-businesses for Women in North Africa

Malik (not his real name), the director of SOM NW Africa has been sharing about the three aspects of the ministry there. In this episode, he will share about the third aspect, the Lighthouse Sewing/Discipleship Schools. Because of the Islamic culture in NW Africa, often when a woman becomes a Christian, she is not only shunned, but kicked out of her home. Listen in to hear how the Lighthouse schools provide not only a way to support themselves but also a platform to share the Gospel.

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